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p 106 1926 ybook.jpg
A page from the 1926 yearbook with class photos of four students, one of whom is posing in archery gear.

p 84 1927 ybook.jpg
A page from the 1927 senior class yearbook with photos of four students from the class of 1927, including one who is wearing trousers (the only one in the class to do so in their yearbook photo).

Two pictures with captions from the December 1906 Tipyn O'Bob. The top image shows a student being turned away from dinner by a proctor because her outfit is not tidy enough. The second image shows an "unsophisticated" freshman attempting to balanceā€¦

A drawing from the April 1909 Tipyn O'Bob showing three women taking clothing out of a trunk and trying it on in front of a mirror.
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