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Two pictures with captions from the December 1906 Tipyn O'Bob. The top image shows a student being turned away from dinner by a proctor because her outfit is not tidy enough. The second image shows an "unsophisticated" freshman attempting to balance…

A poem and drawing about a student attempting to compete in the ring high-jump. "(Written in a moment of deep dejection.)"

Poetry and drawings by a student from the class of 1910 depicting the relationship between members of the Sophomore and Freshman classes (and complaining about how difficult it is to accurately draw the figures she describes).

A series of poems forming a ballad describing the behavior of Bryn Mawr women, along with drawings to illustrate: enthusiastic grabbing of books and food.

A drawing from the April 1909 Tipyn O'Bob showing three women taking clothing out of a trunk and trying it on in front of a mirror.

April Tip Editorial 2.jpg
An editorial praising Bryn Mawr's tea pantries. The editors connect interest in the tea pantries to feminism and support for suffrage, declaring: "some of the loudest praise and heartiest support of that threatened institution known as the tea-pantry…

A drawing from the November 1906 issue of Tipyn O'Bob with a poem, apparently teasing freshmen for smiling at everyone, all the time.

Dear Tip 1914 p156.jpg
A letter in the 'College Convictions' section of the February 15, 1914 issue of Tipyn O'Bob from a student identified only as E.G.A. '14. She uses the letter to describe her "meditation" in the "process of becoming a new woman"- one who appreciates…

In Defense of Happiness ToBp9 nov1910.jpg
An editorial from 1910 in which a student argues that while Bryn Mawr women are isolated, perhaps too idealistic or impractical, being at Bryn Mawr gives the students a joy not known outside the school.

January1906 ToBp117.jpg
Artwork from the January 1906 Tipyn O'Bob featuring several different scenes from daily student life at Bryn Mawr.
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