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p 106 1926 ybook.jpg
A page from the 1926 yearbook with class photos of four students, one of whom is posing in archery gear.

p 96 1926 ybook.jpg
A page from the 1926 yearbook in which one student is riding a horse in her class photo.

applebee quote book page.png
A page from a book on Bryn Mawr College with a quote from Constance Applebee: "I think she [M. Carey Thomas] felt women really have superior views and would be much more help to the nation than men. But they didn't have the chance. This is how I…


A poem and drawing about a student attempting to compete in the ring high-jump. "(Written in a moment of deep dejection.)"

p 49 1928 ybook.jpg
A page from the 1928 senior class yearbook with a picture of some gymnasts showing off their skills, and another picture of someone in a costume that includes a very long fake beard. For some reason.
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