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Freshman Types 1902.png
A picture on page 21 of the 1902 yearbook, representing three students from the class of 1902 who were apparently well-known enough that their silhouettes were expected to be recognized.

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Jello ad 14-15 page 152.jpg
Advertisement from page 152 of the 1914-15 issue of Tipyn O'Bob.

Dec 1918 p 22 Dear Mabel.jpg
A fictional letter from page 22 of the December 1918 issue of Tipyn O'Bob. The letter is written by a girl named Mabel to someone named Bill, describing her experiences at Bryn Mawr. Written and submitted to the Tip by someone in the class of 1921…

Isolated community of BMC 14-15 page 179.jpg
An editorial from the March 1, 1915 issue of Tipyn O'Bob. The editor suggests the addition of conversations about other women's colleges to morning chapel discussion because they believe that Bryn Mawr is cut off from everything but "local matters"…

Tip Editorial April 1, 1914.jpg
Editorial from the April 1, 1914 issue of Tipyn O'Bob. The editors report that Bryn Mawr students are self-conscious about being college women and therefore reluctant to let others know about it so they don't stick out. They believe that students…

1912 jello ad.jpg
An ad for jell-o in the back of the December 1912 issue of Tipyn O'Bob. (Page 76 of the scan of combined issues from the 1912-13 academic year.)

Nov1911 jello ad.jpg
An advertisement for jell-o featuring a distressed housewife trying to cook.

A drawing of a Bryn Mawr student sitting against a tree and reading a book, refusing to join her friends at the lake behind her.

A page from the October 1904 issue of Tipyn O'Bob with two poems that each have a corresponding drawing.
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